Training Wellness™ Program

Training Wellness™ Program 

Our Training Wellness™ Program offers private training focusing on foundation behavior skills, manners, and educating you not only how to prevent unwanted behavior but learning how to focus your attention on what your dog is doing right.

Why private training versus class training is more helpful.  Dog trainers recommend beginning training in distraction free environments that commonly include the safety and quiet of your home.  According to Steven Lindsay (2000), the ease for acquiring newly trained behavior is both faster and easier when done in familiar environments as opposed to unfamiliar. When you are satisfied the expected behavior is reliable, it will be easier to transfer to unfamiliar locations.  This is referred to as generalizing newly acquired behavior.  According to Lindsay, this opinion supports many professional trainers who say “…introductory training should be carried out first in the home and subsequently reinforced in a group setting” (Lindsay, 2000).

You should consider your individual dog’s needs and personality and whether you’re both ready to experience a group class environment.  Often rescue and shelter dogs are not suited to class situations no matter how large or small.  Before you make your decision give this some thought. It is always possible that some dogs will learn inappropriate behavior in class and group settings. These settings will further reinforce any undesirable behavior already part of their repertoire.

Meeting Socialization Goals is an important consideration in training dogs.  As suggested earlier, dogs are not always ready for fast paced, lively environments, especially if they have fear issues in novel situations, toward humans, and unknown dogs.  Putting your dog in scary environments before they are ready can do more harm than good.  It’s not fair to the dog and it’s not fair to other members in the class.  Socialization can be provided many ways, if you think your dog would benefit from private training, your training instructor will be able to help you with solutions to meet this goal.

Training your dog is part of being a responsible pet owner you should consider your dog’s education and welfare as important as a child’s.

Additional benefits from private training allows one-on-one help. When you attend group classes over 6-7 weeks, you are one of several persons, depending on class size.  You can expect your investment to net you about 42 total minutes over a course lasting 7 weeks with 10 students attending.  If your dollar investment is anywhere from $80.00 to $125.00 and using a $100.00 dollar investment as an example the course just cost you $100.00 for 42 minutes!  Sometimes you really have to consider several angles when considering your best choice when it comes to investing time and money, and how much education is possible during any length of time spent with the trainer.

A sample of what our Training Wellness™ Program can offer

  • You have the opportunity to learn dog friendly training methods including, luring, shaping, capturing and targeting, using a clicker as a marker [optional]
  • You will learn the ABC’s of training and how to apply reward and non-reward markers
  • How to use games that are helpful in training
  • Lessons include foundation behaviors and skills i.e. orienting and attending responses, sit-stay and down-stay, controlled walking and reliable recalls
  • Manners at the door
  • How to greet strangers and other dogs
  • How to control incentives and reinforcement
  • Understanding how to effectively communicate with your dog
  • How to understand what your dog is communicating
  • Understanding prediction control expectancies and how this is helpful in understanding how your dog thinks and views their world
  • Tools that are helpful in managing your dog during training
  • Management strategies that are useful in controlling the training environment
  • How to be pro-active and prevent unwanted behavior

This is a thinking training style, easy to implement for anyone.  If you consider your dog an investment in continued companionship, it’s worth investing a little time each day (minimum 10-15 minutes) working on attainable goals that will insure their safety and welfare.  The alternative to lack of training is contributing to negative statistics associated with pet relinquishment; see The Human – Dog Bond.

Number of lessons agreed upon determines cost for this training program Acceptance and receipt of signed contract and payment in full is necessary before scheduling training appointment.

All dog-training clients are expected to provide proof of vaccination and current rabies records provided through your veterinarian.

This course can be used in conjunction with boarding and/or as a board and train program, cost for that service is estimated when arranging your board and training course, and is based on your dog’s present behavior. A behavior consult may be required to evaluate your dog’s behavior.

Visit for Payment Options and Select Training Program.

Contact us for more information and to set up an appointment.

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