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Teaching Relaxed Sit

Boudicca Relaxed Sit

Boudicca Relaxed Sit


Relaxed Sit

The purpose of teaching a relaxed sit is training calm behavior.  A dog that has learned to sit calmly is easier to train and accepts distractions in their environment.  It’s absolutely necessary to teach a reactively aggressive or anxious dog this behavior.  The ideal dog is relaxed and under no obvious distress.  A distressed dog indicates the same level of physiological distress that accompanies emotional distress.  A dog in constant emotional distress will be unable to cope with his environment and unable to learn new behavior.

Your goal


  • The dog will sit on verbal or hand signal when asked and remain until released.


  • Sitting is an impulse control exercise and reflects a submissive and calming position and emotional state.


  • This calm state can diffuse other dogs’ intentions.


  • This exercise is mandatory behavior for all dogs whose owners expect to take them out into public.


  1. 4-6” lead to prevent dog from wondering away.
  2. Training treats- the smaller the better
  3. Reward marker – good or yes
  4. No reward marker – wrong, oops or sorry
  5. Schedule of reinforcement – beginning with a fixed (continuous) schedule of reinforcement changing to a variable schedule once the dog is reliably offering the correct response in at least 3-4 different locations 

A dog still vibrating while sitting does not indicate a calm dog, if this describes your dog,  you will need to learn how to shape calm behavior.   

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