Services & Locations

Any more suggestions Cesar (Millan)?

Professional Dog Training and Dog and Cat Behavior Solutions:

What we offer:

  • Puppy Wellness™ Program 
  • Training Wellness™ Program 
  • Dog Manners
  • Dog Obedience Skills
  • Day Training Programs
  • Board & Train & Day Training
  • Behavior problem solving and preventative methods requires veterinary referral
  • Specially designed behavior and training courses for specially identified problem behavior with your veterinary referral, not only do we need to make sure your dog is physically sound, it may also be necessary to collaborate with your veterinarian
  • We educate you about normal dog behavior, avoid myths and unproven anecdotal methods, your teacher is certified in dog behavior
  • Dog Daycare provides supervised opportunities for your dog to continue learning acceptable manners, dog communication and interactive skills, and is helpful for dogs who need to improve social skills and manners
  • Dog Boarding provides supervised opportunities for your dog to continue learning acceptable manners, dog communication and interactive skills, and helpful for dogs who need to improve their social skills and manners
  • Dog Behavior Consultations  – private appointments with veterinary referral
  • Telephone consultations – one hour, limited scope of discussion, may need veterinary referral, scheduled appointment time
  • Cat behavior problems and training – Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant with veterinary referral

What we do:

  • promote pet friendly training methods
  • enhance your pets overall welfare and quality of life
  • help owners resolve behavior problems
  • use proven accepted behavioral science

Our goal is help you resolve common behavior problems i.e. jumping, barking, chewing, digging, house-training, socialization and play behavior without jeopardizing your relationship using harsh corrections, training methods and equipment. More complex behavior problems can also include these common natural behaviors as well as aggression, anxieties, fears, phobias, sibling rivalry.  This requires a veterinary referral, behavior consultation, assessment and observation of your pet.

Read how training dogs is different from complex behavior problems here and review my resume, education and certifications  below or here .

Responsible Dog offers Sarasota, Florida dog boarding with special training options, specialized dog daycare designed to improve social skills that consider your pet’s emotional and physiological wellness.

Where you can find us working:

Responsible Dog & Cat serves the following communities: Sarasota, Siesta Key, Long Boat Key, Bird Key, Casey Key, Lakewood Ranch, Osprey, Nokomis.


Responsible Dog and Cat carries liability insurance for your and our protection. Coverage includes dog training, behavior modification, kenneling, and daycare.

We provide the most effective training and behavior plans based on your needs. We use dog friendly training methods.  We’re concerned about your dog’s behavioral wellness. We require veterinary referral for all behavior cases. 

Training and behavior assessments are not guaranteed. It is ethically ineffective and inappropriate to guarantee or profess an ability to predict future behavior of any living animal. Behavior is not static but is always under the influence of one’s environment and environmental conditions are always subject to change. It is for this condition that we cannot guarantee any training or behavior outcomes.  Success is entirely up to you and you should consider this your responsibility.

Your pet is inspected on arrival.  We are a socially directed facility.  You will be expected to sign training, behavior assessment, modification, boarding, and daycare agreement.

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