Responsible Dog and Cat ~ Dog Training and Behavior

Little Sunny…Now Big Sunny!

What we offer:

  • Puppy Wellness™ Program 
  • Training Wellness™ Program 
  • Dog Manners
  • Dog Obedience Skills
  • Day Training Programs
  • Board & Train & Day Training
  • Behavior problem solving and preventative methods requires veterinary referral
  • Specially designed behavior and training courses for specially identified problem behavior with your veterinary referral, not only do we need to make sure your dog is physically sound, it may also be necessary to collaborate with your veterinarian
  • We educate you about normal dog behavior, avoid myths and unproven anecdotal methods, your teacher is certified in dog behavior
  • Dog Daycare provides supervised opportunities for your dog to continue learning acceptable manners, dog communication and interactive skills, and is helpful for dogs who need to improve social skills and manners
  • Dog Boarding provides supervised opportunities for your dog to continue learning acceptable manners, dog communication and interactive skills, and helpful for dogs who need to improve their social skills and manners
  • Dog Behavior Consultations  – private appointments with veterinary referral
  • Telephone consultations – one hour, limited scope of discussion, may need veterinary referral, scheduled appointment time
  • Cat behavior problems and training – Associate Certified Cat Behavior Consultant with veterinary referral

Responsible Dog and Cat
Training and Behavior Solutions
Combining Art and Science Training Animals

Joyce D. Kesling, CDBC, ACCBC