Responsible Dog Training Behavior Solutions

Why is this important?

“Adult elimination problems represent a significant source of distress for both owners and dogs.  …incomplete house training is the leading cause given by dog owners for relinquishing their dogs to the uncertain fate of the animal shelter…underscoring the importance of preventing and resolving house-training problems” (Lindsay, 2005).

Why teaching “bell ringing” signal might be a problem! 

Teaching puppies to give a signal to go outside is a common, but questionable, house-training practice. While appearing reasonable and useful at first glance, encouraging puppies to give such a signal may conflict with the objective of training them to hold and eliminate in accordance with an arbitrary schedule.

Effective bowel and bladder control require that puppies learn to endure some amount of discomfort-an aspect of house training this is not necessarily served by training puppies to perform a signal to get outdoors on demand.

Such need-to-go signals depend on…

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