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Training is a quality of life issue for dogs. What training tools are recommended and avoided?

The following includes the listing of recommended dog training tools and those that should be avoidedThis recommendation published in Journal of Veterinary Behavior (2006), presented at Advanced Behavior Course North American Veterinary Conference, Post Graduate Institute.

Many dog owners are unaware of these recommendations and continue to use Flexi-Leads even though professional dog trainers do not use or recommend them.  If you insist, you can, given the right instruction, proper size Flexi-lead, learn to navigate dogs effectively.  The following video demonstrates how a professional dog trainer might use them.  If you insist on using this tool but struggle to manage your pulling dog, you should get help from a professional dog trainer.  These devices can be very problematic, dangerous and not properly used do encourage inappropriate dog manners and behavior.

Often, owners are unsuccessful teaching their…

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