Pet Dog Training 101, training stand, often neglected!

Josef Standing ~ he was a beautiful dog!

Josef Standing ~ he was a beautiful dog!

September 29, 2009

Joyce Kesling, CDBC

Boudicca reliably sits 80-100%.  Recently I wanted to train a new behavior; I realized her sit was too good!  Over the months, I’ve allowed her “back” cue to include sitting (scooting) and never reliably trained and/or proofed stand.  It was not easy to reverse this; it took several days feeding her entire meals training. 

We broke training sessions up to no more than 10-minute sessions, throughout the day and used a clicker (reward stand only) and some prompting using previously trained behavior i.e. hand cues.  In this first demonstration, I’m not using treats, she’s already doing a pretty good job at standing, backing up and staying. 

Note, during the demonstration and without prior training (thought) I realized I didn’t have a cue for relaxed walking versus heel/sit, required in formal obedience and/or rally training contexts.  This just means it’s necessary to maintain heel/sit, heel acts as a directive cue in this case.  When we are relaxed and walking, I could easily using a standard pet dog cue “let’s go” indicating she has a choice, either she can sit or stand when we stop, but she still has to walk nicely on lead (no pulling). 

The purpose of this demonstration emphasizes the importance for teaching all three behaviors, sit, down and stand.  In addition, stay and distance is added to each behavior once the dog is reliably responding at least 80% (8 out of 10X) when cued/asked for each basic behavior.

If you’re wondering why we might need to teach a dog to stand (duh moment), stand can be effectively used when dogs are not under reliable recall is one example, keep this in mind when training.  Keep in mind; this is not an example of a reliably trained behavior.  It will require at least 1000 repetitions. If you prefer using positive reinforcement, rather than risk harming the relationship you are developing with your dog, it will be worth all your effort.

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